All of our connectors are made to order and dispatched the same day which is why we can offer such a wide range of connectors and reducers. You can use a connector to join two pieces of tube together which is particularly useful in exhaust and plumbing applications. You can choose whether to have a weld on version or a clamp on version depending on what you need.

Which Type of Connector Should I Choose?

Straight Connector

A straight connector can be used to give you a bit more play because the whole length of the connector can fit over the tubes you are connecting. Unless your pipe will meet in the middle you will have a variation in the bore size. This does not usually matter but if you are designing a custom exhaust or modifying your exhaust then quite often you will want to maintain bore size.

Stepped Connector

A stepped connector maintains the bore size of the system you are connecting, so if you order a 38mm connector the narrow part of the connector will be 38mm od and the connecting parts will be 38mm ID. It can also be used to add some length to a pipe.

Mild Steel

Mild Steel is hard wearing and can be painted. It will rust in damp and wet conditions but is widely used in many applications. Even in wet conditions the connector will eventually fail but will last for some time.


Aluminised Steel is mild steel with a coating. It has very similar properties to mild steel in terms of welding and hardiness but is less susceptible to corrosion. Aluminised steel is used widely in aftermarket exhausts and is generally more weather resistant than painted mild steel. An aluminised connector will rust but not as quickly as mild steel.

T409 Stainless Steel

T409 is a ferritic stainless steel which means it is magnetic and will eventually corode. It is widely used in OE Exhausts and has an operating life of about 10-15 years in an exhaust. In none exhaust scenarios T409 Stainless will last much longer than this.

T304 Stainless Steel

T304 is a non-ferritic stainless steel. It will not corrode and is not magnetic. It is quite hard in comparison to mild steel and T409 stainless. If you want a connector that will last a T304 Stainless Steel connector is the way to go.

Bright Polished T304 Stainless Steel

A bright polished connector is made from a tube that has a mirror finish. This is a much more attractive connector and has all the same properties of a T304 Connector.

Inner Diameter 60.30mm - 60.80mm (To suit 2" 3/8 Tube)
Material Thickness 1.5mm
Overall Length 125mmm

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2" 3/8 Exhaust Pipe Connector (60.30mm)

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